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Consolation Prize [Feb. 6th, 2014|07:24 pm]
I knocked loads of things off my to-do list such as updating LinkedIn and my resume, officially quitting my tax prep job, canceling my COBRA dental insurance, and deciding which direction to go on health insurance (keep my current insurance, switch to my employer's insurance, or switch to something on the marketplace, now that I could qualify for a tax subsidy). (I'm going with my employer's insurance--it's got good coverage, I don't have to worry what will happen if I get additional degree audit consultation work, and it's not all that much more expensive than my other options.)

But my favorite thing I did is make cookies (yes, Indigo Rose, the evil kind) and bring (most of) them to my instructor at the tax prep place. He asked why I wasn't working there, and I explained. Then I handed him his consolation prize and got to see his face light up. Yea!

Note to TexPenguin--speaking of evil, thanks for your recipe for Chocolate Cointreau Cake, and I think it's even worse than I feared. Four sticks of butter (minus 2 tablespoons)! (Indigo Rose, those cookies have only one stick of butter.) I'm afraid I will not be making that cake! Still, I'm glad C is going to try it, and I will still happily eat some if she carries on your tradition.

[User Picture]From: indigo_rose99
2014-02-07 04:25 am (UTC)

mmmmm cake....

Perhaps I should not be reading this post while I have no water, no food and no drink. Don't tell T, he will yell. The people who magically make food and water appear during my day have failed to do so today. I'm about to pull out a dry food bar, but I'm afraid that it will only make me more thirsty.

A lovely moist Cointreau cake sounds really fantastic!

Edited at 2014-02-07 04:27 am (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: livingdeb
2014-02-07 04:39 am (UTC)

Re: mmmmm cake....

Oy! I wish I could give you hints on how to collect condensation or something. I hope you are thinking of back-up plans for tomorrow, because no food or drink for several days does not lead to the kind of "sleep" that helps with teaching, okay? Perhaps refuse to teach until you can get some bottled water? Good luck!
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