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Clean Fridge [Feb. 8th, 2014|03:00 pm]

R. and I cleaned out the fridge and freezer today. We learned that R. needs to use a lot of chicken (chicken soup is on the stove). And I need to use a lot of yogurt (I'm thinking pancakes or muffins, but haven't yet decided--we have a whole yogurt cookbook, so surely I'll find something suitable for cool-weather eating).

Also, for one category of freezer food we are using a plastic shoe box so we can pull it out and get to the stuff in the back. For one category of refrigerator food (tiny jars), the lid for that shoe box serves the same purpose.


In other news, I have been having English muffin pizzas which I learned were tastier than I had expected at a party some friends held for my sister a while back. It's not real pizza, but it does have real sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. And it's yummier and cheaper than frozen pizza with fewer chemicals and more fiber (since I use whole-wheat English muffins).

[User Picture]From: texpenguin
2014-02-08 09:56 pm (UTC)
"Nuclear Meltdowns" were a standard meal at my house growing up. Essentially, take whatever leftover meat you had in the fridge, mash it up with whatever leftover veg, add some mayo and mustard a la chicken salad, spread it on English muffins, throw some shredded cheese on top, and nuke them in the microwave. They were usually quite edible.

Fair warning on the plastic shoebox--some types of plastic get very brittle in the freezer, so you might have it shatter in your hand one day. If that happens, you can get freezer-proof plastic bins at the restaurant supply store (there's one on N. Lamar, near where I used to live).
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[User Picture]From: livingdeb
2014-02-08 11:50 pm (UTC)
Oh, thanks for the warning!

Leftover veg?!

I rarely have English muffins in the house so my leftover things like that generally end up in macaroni and cheese. (Leftover fruit ends up in "smoothies"--that are really fruit milkshakes.)
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[User Picture]From: texpenguin
2014-02-09 12:08 am (UTC)
Yep, we always had canned or frozen peas, green beans, corn, etc with dinner, and there were usually a few spoonfuls leftover (because none of us actually liked veg but Mom). You can keep muffins in the freezer--easy to pop out just one or two to toast up with toppings. All that said, mac'n'cheese sounds better. (And fruit milkshakes!)
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[User Picture]From: p_j_cleary
2014-02-08 11:57 pm (UTC)
Peter and I make English muffin pizzas all the time, especially when he's made a big batch of spaghetti sauce. They're so tasty and so easy!
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[User Picture]From: livingdeb
2014-02-10 02:44 am (UTC)
Mmm, big batch of spaghetti sauce!
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