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Health Fair [Jul. 17th, 2014|06:54 pm]
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Today I got to go to a health fair during my lunch hour. Really I think it was more of an employee benefits fair plus a few other random things.


Usually people are handing out treats for various reasons at these kinds of things, and this was no exception.

I got two KIND bars from that company, one to keep and one to share.

I tried grilled zucchini and peach crunch bars from a place trying to get us to eat more healthily--the latter were good enough to pick up the recipe, but I won't be making that recipe. The first ingredient is 18 1/2 oz medium brown sugar. Um, no--I use measuring cups. Then there's 3 tablespoons of oleo liquid. I don't even know what that is. And this for "two full sheet pans" which I don't own. It wasn't yummy enough for all the conversions I would have to deal with.

Another place was handing out unprocessed foods. Wha? I got a small cup of almonds and a banana.

Then I also got popcorn, but that came with a hard sell from a funeral home.

Expo Dollars

Each booth was also giving out "Expo Dollars" for signing up for mailing lists, talking with them, or just dropping by and asking. When you collected enough, you could buy raffle tickets with them: one for each $20. I collected only $11. A co-worker later told me they rounded up and I could have gotten a raffle ticket. She actually told me in time that I could have gone back and done it. But, although I didn't look into the bags of things, it seems unlikely I would have wanted much of that stuff anyway.

The Expo Dollars are pretty. Maybe I'll give them away to my co-workers when they go above and beyond the call like we used to do with Registrar Bucks at an earlier job. You just write on them who it's for, who it's from, and what awesome thing they did. They won't get the second part where they can buy office supplies stamped with the Office of the Registrar logo on them, but I don't think that matters much. It's fun to get a silly thank-you card.

Rec Sports

You can pay to belong to basically multiple gyms on campus, but I don't. But I did get a one-day pass I can use sometime this summer. They are hoping we will try things out and fall in love.

Financial Check-up

My credit union was there. I feel like I already know everything about them, but I walked over to check. And I was wrong. I learned that you can get $20 for getting a "financial check-up" with them, which the guy explained involved looking over your credit report and seeing if they could make suggestions for improvement. I might look into that.

Insurance Discount

I saw the insurance company that I use for my homeowner's insurance there. Again, I feel like I know everything I'm interested in, but again I found out I was wrong. You can get a discount for working for my employer. I bet this is the same discount I just started getting for belonging to another credit union (for my HSA) and that you can't get both discounts, but I might not always want to keep that HSA. Of course I might not always want to work for this employer, either. I will be making a phone call.

I also asked if they sold earthquake insurance. At first the guy said it's super expensive and probably not worth it. I was surprised and said I thought it would be super cheap since we don't have earthquakes and therefore it might be worth it. He said he was thinking of California where the deductible is $10,000. I said that since their houses cost a million dollars, 10K is nothing to them. He's not what I expect from a salesperson! But he said they did sell it, and it's like flood insurance where they are a third party.

I've been mildly interested in earthquake insurance--we do have a fault running through town though we never have earthquakes. Still, things can change.

And now that fracking is taking over the planet, we might actually start getting earthquakes. The natural gas people will try to tell you that there's no reason to think that fracking causes earthquakes. But I remember when C. was studying environmental engineering in the late 1980's and his textbook said they tried deep-well injection for getting rid of toxic wastes but had to stop because it caused earthquakes. I feel sure that fracking is the same kind of thing. And they already knew this was true back then and were so sure of it that it was already in a textbook. And my state, as you may know, is not really into protecting its populous from business interests. I don't think our politicians even get that businesses could be a thing anyone could possibly need protection from--they are the givers of jobs! And that's all they produce, just magical jobs!


I picked up a set of FAQs that explains, among other things, that I can transfer a prescription from a retail pharmacy to the mail order pharmacy (which sends three months worth of medicines instead of one month's worth and only charges you 2/3 as much). So there's another thing for me to do.

Body Composition

This measurement was the thing I most wanted from this event. I couldn't find the station after my first run-through, so I walked around again and finally found it hiding in the back. On the stage.

I've always been a good weight, but my percentage of fat has been unhealthy (too high) for several years now. I've lost a few pounds lately, so I was hoping this would be good.

And the answer is: No, still not good. I'm 34.2% fat and anything over 32% is considered unhealthy for women. And this is not one of those areas where I think that the conclusions based on averages are wrong for me--I've had a much lower percentage before.

So next I was wondering whether any of the weight I lost was actually fat or what? There's not much else I'd want to be losing besides fat. I could probably stand to lose some skin weight. But I want my muscles, bones, organs.

Anyway. I have measurements from three years ago. And my fat percentage is lower than it was then (35.7). I also weighed more then. Math shows that 2/3 of the weight I lost was fat. Okay, that's not too scary.

The lady at the station had advice for me though--strength training. She said even if you're jogging, you need to also be working your arms and shoulders. And she recommended checking out the CDC's exercise demonstrations, which are mildly interesting. She also recommended acsm.org (American College of sports Medicine) and acefitness.org (American Council on Exercise) as additional places to find reliable information. ACE Fitness has exercises by body part. She also mentioned eating lean proteins.

Neither of my exercise challenges have rewarded strength training, but you're only supposed to do it 2-3 times a week anyway, so I really don't have any excuses.

Quote of the Day - from a syllabus I had to review today: "No grade grubbing. I do not offer extra credit and I do not raise grades for begging. Preserve your dignity, work hard, and accept the grade you earn."

That draws quite a picture.

[User Picture]From: texpenguin
2014-07-18 02:38 am (UTC)
So, we do live in California, smack dab in the middle of the San Andreas fault zone. Our house wasn't *quite* a million dollars, but we still didn't spring for the earthquake insurance. Not only is it very high deductible, but it doesn't cover all earthquake damage. Most damage doesn't come from the earthquake itself, because houses here are designed and built to withstand a little shaking with only minor problems. The expensive damage is caused by results of an earthquake, rather than the quake itself, water damage from broken pipelines, fire damage from broken gaslines, etc, and that is all excluded from earthquake coverage. Crazy but true! So, if our house falls down in the "big one" we're screwed, but we decided to take the risk.
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[User Picture]From: livingdeb
2014-07-18 04:06 am (UTC)

Robin's favorite aunt and uncle don't have storm insurance on their house in the Florida Keys because it's so expensive that it's a lot cheaper to just fix the house every time a hurricane comes through. If it ever gets knocked down, then I'm pretty sure they have a plan B. They have two other houses, for example.
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From: (Anonymous)
2014-07-18 04:45 am (UTC)
Well we most certainly do not have extra houses, but if our house were to fall down, we'd get whatever we could wrangle from our homeowners insurance, then we'd probably have to try to take out an additional loan or borrow from family to rebuild. Most of the property value here is in the land, not the house built on it, so I *think* we'd be able to manage to rebuild. Worst case, we sell the land, rent an apartment for awhile until we clear the balance of our mortgage, then buy a new house. My guess is that if the "big one" does hit, there will probably be some emergency assistance funds available to help out as well. As I understand it from real estate and insurance agents out here, only the richest folks with lots of expendable income get the insurance. Must folks either can't afford it at all or are in the middle like us and have decided they'd rather have the money and the risk than the insurance.
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[User Picture]From: livingdeb
2014-07-18 06:51 pm (UTC)
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[User Picture]From: llcoolvad
2014-07-18 03:10 am (UTC)
I love strength training more than anything else. Build muscle now to keep you healthy as you get older. Be strong!
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[User Picture]From: livingdeb
2014-07-18 04:07 am (UTC)
For sure!
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