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No Added Sugar Update, Day Six - Note of the Living Deb [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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No Added Sugar Update, Day Six [Sep. 29th, 2006|10:50 pm]

I'm still doing fine. This morning I wasn't in the mood for real food. Normally I would have had chocolate milk. I had told myself that if this happened this week, I would just have plain milk. I wasn't in the mood, though, so I just had nothing.

That's always been my theory of how restrictive diets work. You just eat less in general when you have fewer choices.

My weight is probably staying constant though, by which I mean that Tuesday and today, my weight was still well within the three-pound range it's been in all year, but it is near the bottom of the range.

I feel the same as usual: no sign of any scary withdrawal symptoms, no sign of feeling better than usual either.

I almost considered having one of my cheats today, but it turns out tonight's party is really next Friday.

I googled for advice about sugar intake. (Numbers below are rounded and may not appear to add up properly.) The World Health Organization recommends that no more than 10% of one's calories come from added sugar. Another commonly used figure is 10 teaspoons which is about 40 grams or 150-160 calories, either of added sugar or total sugar. Of course the sugar industry has different ideas, but I'll just discount those.

Of course R's favorite nutritionist, Mercole(sp?), is opposed to basically any sugar in any form except for in antioxidant-rich berries. That guy is opposed even to other fruit sugar such as that in oranges and watermelon. I always find this nutritionist's advice impracticable for me because there are only about three allowable foods that I actually like.

Here is the added sugar content for some sugary things I eat, in order from most to least per Debbie serving:

* root beer float: over 50 g = over 200 calories (see below for calculations)

* IBC root beer: 43 g sugar = 172 calories

* decadent Godiva hot chocolate, dark chocolate truffle flavor: 25 g sugar from the container (not counting the milk) = 100 calories

* brownies: 1 cup sugar per batch = 48 teaspoons = 182 g = 720 calories; I eat probably 1/8 of this as a serving = 23 g = 90 calories

* HEB Creamy Creations Light Ice Cream in homemade vanilla flavor: 22 g total of sugar = 88 calories per 1/2 cup; I sometimes eat twice that much, but then some of this is milk sugar

* breakfast cereal: probably 20 g = 80 calories

* chocolate milk: 1 tablespoon sugar = 12 grams = 45 calories

* Morningstar Farms Corndogs - 4 g per corndog; I am most likely to eat 2 = 8 g = 32 calories

* glazed donut - Krispy Kreme has 12 g, Dunkin Donuts has 6 g; 25 - 50 calories

* Odwalla chocolate chip peanut flavored energy bars, the small size: 7 g = 28 calories

* Chocolove extra strong dark chocolate (77% cocoa content) - 6 g per 6-square serving; I generally eat one or more 3-square servings = 24+ calories

I'm thinking that anything substantial with less than 10 g of sugar probably isn't too scary (except that donuts have very few redeeming qualities); limiting myself to one of these per day is probably a good idea. It probably wouldn't be all that hard either except at parties. I should (but will I?) train myself to feel that sugary things are a fabulous luxury item to be savored on rare occasions rather than, say, to feel that now that I am a grown-up I can eat whatever I want.