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Homeowner Insurance Re-write - Note of the Living Deb [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Homeowner Insurance Re-write [Apr. 19th, 2017|07:03 pm]
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This year my homeowner's insurance went up 9.5%. Unless you count the new installment fees ($2/month); then it's 12%. And last year it went up 18%, but at least that year they also raised my limits. So I called.

The lady who answered offered to re-write my insurance. Then if the new number was lower, I could switch to that, but if not, I didn't have to. And the new number was lower than last year, though not as low as the previous year.

Apparently, the insurance companies don't check on whether there have been changes to your property, so they just assume there have been some that you haven't reported. And so your rates just go up every year. But if they "re-write" your insurance, they ask you a bunch of questions all over again and start over with a new number.

The questions were about things like what the square footage is, what kind of foundation I have, how many stories, what size the garage is (I wish!), and what materials the flooring, walls and roof covered with.

I asked how often one should request a rewrite, every ten years? Every year? And she said very little changes in one year. She recommends every three to five years.

Other changes: 1) I'm now all electronic (they won't send me paper by mail), though apparently I can change that back online. 2) I'm paying once a year instead of in monthly installments. 3) I'm getting insurance for the replacement value, which I never could figure out if I had before, but which I apparently didn't.

Blog Entry of the Day - Miser Mom's "Garbage Offsets"

This is a charmingly-written post about 1) ways to prepare tomato plants and 2) how to offset your landfill use. Warning: this writer really, really hates wasting things and you might think she's extreme. Mostly that makes me happy but if it drives you nutso, so will this post.

Quote on tomatoes: "But my high-E windows mean that my tomatoes languish without additional help, making the transfer from jars to the ground problematic, unless I give them a way to get full-spectrum light. So during April and early May, whenever the weather is warm enough, I take my tomatoes outdoors to play during the day, and then bring them back in at night to protect them from cold and/or rain. What's different this year is that these field trips have a new tomato school bus, so to speak."

Quote on trash: "What would happen if, for every garbage can my family produces, I rescued an equal amount of perfectly good stuff and got it into the hands of people who could use it? My net effect on the local landfills could be zero, even if I'm not technically zero waste myself."